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Parents & Guardians

iPad Initiative
WEC is very lucky to have such great donors as they have given us the ability to acquire close to 80 iPads to be used by our students for educational purposes.  WEC is hopeful to continue to get donors to support our iPad initiative to get 1 iPad per student.   Currently any student in WEC has the opportunity to experience different educational uses for the iPad.   We have over 130 installed apps on our iPads. To see what apps WEC uses click below.
School Closing and Delays
WEC has an emergency notification system in place that allows parents and districts to sign up on a call list that will automatically call the provided numbers and notify them of any closures or delays.  We also have a hotline number (770-406-5581, Pin #: 0160) set up that will play the same notification that was left to anybody on our call list for those who are not on the list.
As always we do notify the local radio and news stations of any closures or delays.  If needed please listen to the following radio stations for any such announcement:
   Westchester        Dutchess            Putnam              Rockland               Ulster 
 WHUD 100.7 FM      WHUD 100.7 FM      WHUD 100.7 FM       WHUD 100.7 FM      WHUD 100.7 FM
WFAS - 1230 AM       WKIP - 1040 AM        WFAS - 1230 AM       WFAS - 1230 AM       WKIP - 1040 AM
WFAS - 103.9 FM                                           WFAS - 103.9 FM      WFAS - 103.9 FM 
Channel 12                WGNY - 103.1 FM                                                                          WGNY - 103.1 FM 
Listen carefully for Westchester Exceptional Children's School in North Salem. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH The Westchester School for Exceptional Children, which is also in our listening area.

WEC's Technology Plan.

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Click above to view our technology plan. For public comment on our technology plan, please email James Spring at