Danielle's Class
September News
Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great summer. September is a busy month for our class.  Everyone is getting to know each other and adjusting to our new classroom routine. 
In ELA we are focusing on reading comprehension and sight word recognition.  We are using the Edmark reading program as well as the Reading Milestones program to help us with our reading skills. 
In Math we are focusing on place value.  We are using manipulatives to help us recognize the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands place!
In Science we are learning about matter.  We did a fun Science experiment using an ice cube to display a solid, liquid and gas! 
In History we are learning about map skills. We learned how to read a compass rose as well as a map key.  We also learned how to locate a place on a map.  We continue to stay up to date with current events by reading our monthly Time for Kids magazines.  
Stay tuned for October!

Ages: 9-12 years old